Hopewell advices youths kumbovaka dzimba first before buying expensive cars but Zimbabwe young men say kuita stand hakudise nemukadzi than kuita mota.

Hopewell has shared advice to many youths saying :

What will destroy young Zimbabwean professional men is their love for expensive cars.

Cars are a liability, buy a home first, buy investment properties, then you can think of expensive cars.

When I bought my first home I was driving a £700 Volvo from an auction.

The youths however had a response to this.

If ladies start valuing homes over cars, you will see change overnight. Today mota inonyengesa, asi vanyengwi vakarega kunyengeka nemota zvinochinja. Women should first corner bricks & cement market though then change the game from cars. Boom sexual/gender upheaval/revolution.


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