Supersport United gives update on Kuda Mahachi suspension, says his contract will not be renewed he needs to put his house in order first

Mahachi was last month linked to allegations of child abuse, and as such has been suspended by Matsatsantsa. His four-year-old son allegedly suffered from third-degree burns and due to this, his leg had to be amputated.

Matthews confirmed that the player remains suspended over the case and SSU will also not extend his contract which runs out by the end of the month.

He’s been on suspension, I’ve met with him personally and his lawyer, and we’ve just decided that from our part as a football club this matter is a serious matter, that he needs to go and attend to, and see to his family and his priorities,” Matthews told Skepe Matsebane on Power Sport Extra when asked about Mahachi’s future.

“We suspended him from all football activities at that time, he remained suspended. His contract expires on the 30th of June, so there won’t really be any further action on our part.

We’ve encouraged him to focus on clearing his name, and making sure his child gets the best-rehabilitated care as possible, given the current situation.”

“That is something you’d need to speak to Kudu about, as from a club perspective, his contract expires at the end of the month, it won’t be renewed. He remains on suspension until all these issues between himself and his personal family situation are resolved.”


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