Dr Fungai Mutisi slams Chronicle for joking about madam Boss marriage, says tambai nezvimwe people are going through a lot already

After Chronicle played a dirty joke on fools day, it has received massive criticism.

Fungisai Mutisi had this to say:

Madam Boss
They don’t know what you are going through behind Social Media, they don’t know I have to be up many nights talking to you and reminding you how special you are to the family, they don’t know how much money we have lost to keep your mental health fit, they don’t know that you cry behind behind the camera, they don’t know the pain you are suppressing that has resulted in you being in the hands of Mental Health Therapists.
You told them “ how you got the ‘Semi Colony’ tattoo and the ear piercing as part of your Mental Health Therapy, but they don’t seem to understand!

We ,( The Management Team) , decided to remove you as the admin on your page , it worked for a while and because we are now guided by International Mental Health Therapist, you can now access your page as the Admin. Chronicle Zimbabwe don’t you think it was better to hint her on your false day story . Zvichimboitirweiko. Why didn’t you write your Boss’s name and his or her marriage.
Let it be known that Tyra is fighting for her Mental Health. I know after reading this, you will say all you want and add more fuel It’s not a joking matter anymore. We only have 1 Tyra in our family. Let’s save a life !
I come in peace!


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