I am a family man and I love my wife, those were just people trying to con me, says Prophet Passion

Prophet Passion Java has finally responded.

In his message he had this to say :

Social Media is something else. Just because someone posted chats or videos from wherever they are, you actually believe it’s true? Kanganwayi. This is not the first time people have used my name to con, manipulate or even for extortion.

I am the Gaffa – hazvisi zvinyowani izvi. I am a family man and I love my wife and 4 sons. Haupapinde apa. Kopooo. www.siyananeni…..

Another fan responded to his message by explaining that cheating and love can be differentiated. He had this to say :

For once i agree with you.Cheating doesnt mean you do not love your wife.We love them and we appreciate them but us as men of God we get into trial sometimes and we fail to win the battles.

We just have to stay strong and pray hard and ask our wives to pray for us also so that beautiful women do not come our way to take us away from our beautiful families.


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