Mugabe was far much better, Trevor Ncube speaks on why he resigned as president Mnangagwa’s advisor

Trevor Ncube has shared on why he chose to move away from advising president Mnangagwa. In an analysis by Denver he had this to say:

Trevor Ncube speaks on ED and the New Dispensation. The tables have turned and now they are saying what everyone has been saying for years. You can’t build a nation with ZanuPF, they have no framework or desire to build.

What is amazing is that EVERYONE told these guys that whatever intentions you have it won’t work because ED belongs to ZANUPF and the party is a conduit for personal wealth and not national growth. We all knew this was going to be a total disaster.

What is amazing is that they rained insults on anyone who told them they were in a sinking ship. Trevor is waaay too informed to brand his decision as Christian naivety. Even the Bible says be wise as serpents, you can’t hide behind that.

I don’t have a problem with people changing from being ProZanu to whatever, but to brand the motivation behind them having joined Zanu by association or backdoor as something else apart from selfish interests is great dishonesty and we must stop it.

Say it plainly, Cdes I wanted X, Y and Z then realized that the cost of supporting murderers for selfish interests was wrong. We need to be honest, that is the only way we can build something.


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