Olinda shares critical information to all ladies on losing weight without having to do workouts

Business woman Shiella Charamba shared her experience of losing weight. She had this to say

When l post on my wall l am posting for my friends and those who might be facing the same problems that l am. I had my gastric sleeve redone in January 2020 FYI I am not competing with anyone nor am l comparing my journey with anyone. I understand screenshots are being taken out of context. Manje hamunyare kuposta zvisina basa muupenyu hwenyu?? If you cant afford the weight loss surgery then dont paint us with the same brush.

In canada Gastric Bypass its covered 100% by the government. We dont need to go to lndia lol!!. I have been talking about this gastric thing since 2013 when l first had it so ndakopa ani manje? Hachidadise chisurgery ichi, it has ruined my life a lot and l am speaking openly to those who are envying my mistake in life to be honest.

Olinda came through with advise on how this can be effective.

She mentioned that she should eat soft foods and also take small amounts of food portion.

She also advised her not to take Gerd as it contains gas and it would make her throw up.


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