Fans dissapointed with Run G responses on the podcast with Shadaya, she is bitter and uses feelings more than logic

The Shadhaya podcast interview has gotten everyone talking about it. Many were not pleased however with how the partner handled it. In a post one had this to say:

I watched the Shadaya interview and I must say Run G wasnt professional. She needs time to learn how interviews go and never to associate her emotions with facts.

Others even went further to make fun of her one, fan posted:

Imagine you’re convicted of some crime and Shadaya_Knight is the prosecutor and Run G is your lawyer….

Shadaya: You honor, a man desires a virgin better than a non virgin.

Run G: Your a chauvinist Shasha !

Shadaya: A woman is attached to a man who deflowered her.

I don’t agree with everything Shadaya says but Run G is out here making him look like a good guy and validating his points with every time she loses her cool and plays the victim card she’s a terrible cohost


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