Whilst Poptain dismisses that they dated, Anita on the other hand confesses that she brotherzoned him but they broke the rules at some point

The issue of Anita Jaxson and Poptain is one complex story that has perplexed the minds of many of their followers. With rumours flooding the internet that the two are in a relationship reports seem to be saying otherwise.

In 2021 in an Instagram live video, Anita admitted that they were friends and wanted to be professional in their music business hence they decided not to date.

She however went on to mention that things got tense at some point and they could not keep it professional, in a recent interview Poptain however mentioned something very different.

He described that his ideal relationship is that with a woman who is outside of his business and who does not interfere, this leaves a lot of fans still confused as to where exactly they stand.


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