I wanted to be like Winky D but he rebuked me and uttered the words, “ita yaunoita never try kupinda mubhutsu dzasomeone”.

Winky D is known to he one of the most scarce guys. Hip hop artist Takura shared his experience of him, this is what he had to say:

Funny thing is i been talking to Winky for years now but still haven’t met him

Other stars also shared their experience of the Gafa. Holy Ten had this to say :

Met him once zviri proper. First thing I said was “I want to be like you”, he looked at me with a look of disappointment and he said “there’s no template for life, you have to be Mukudzei, you have to be you”. From that day strategy changed.

Many have slammed him for his approach to life but this is who he is and being an introvert is something that many fans do not understand.


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