Dating an actress, a dancer, a singer, and a model will give you a depression. They belong to the streets says Shadaya

Shadhaya had this to say:

That Khanyi Mbau scene is one of the many reasons why women in the entertainment industry are a red flag

Actresses: the intimate scenes, especially the sex scenes, real or not, but your woman nude in front of a camera with another man, to be watched by the whole world.

Dancers: dancing is a very intimate experience, she’s going to dance with other men. Dancing is almost like having sex with clothing on. If it wasn’t women wouldn’t be able to seduce men by simply dancing, it’s hypnosis. Dancers are cheaters.

Singers: it’s a well known fact, to get to the top, you gotta ride your way to the top. She’ll f*ck around with everyone in the industry, from fellow artists on collabos, to producers, to record label bosses. She gets passed around more than a blunt, not relationship material.

Models: you’ve got a woman who earns a living from parading her body & you think only you would have access to that body. As she’s on the red carpet walking, she’s like a prized asset at an auction, on the look out for the highest bidder. Not to mention the over inflated ego…

These are women for pleasure not to treasure. Yes, have your fun with them but never fool yourself into thinking it can go beyond fun. They’re incapable of being long term partners – their dirty sexual history & over inflated egos, make them street material.

If anything they live for attention & it so happens that too much attention on a woman drives her mad with a self imposed worth that isn’t really there. They do everything for attention, it’s addictive, they’d stoop at any level, that’s not a wife, that’s trouble. Learn or perish


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