The US will never deport a millionaire because random people signed a petition, I am a strong Zanu Pf supporter & I side with all ED loyalists, Chivhayo responds

Zimbabweans have been circulating a petition to have prophet Passion Java deported back home from the United States because he is affiliated with Zanu Pf. Many have been very excited about this initiative as more than 10 000 signatures advocated for him to be deported.

Many were shocked when a name written Wicknell Chivhayo apeared on the list advocating for this cause.

Chivhayo has responded to this citing that he is not stupid enough to sign some petition that will never succeed. He acknowledged prophet Java and described him as a man of integrity and wealthy man with properties in the US. In his exact words he said, “you are crazy if you think the US will deport a millionaire because of a thousand signatures from some random people”.

He further acknowledged that he is Zanu Pf supporter and he supports president ED and will always support those who support the same cause as his.


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