Shadhaya warns all men, beware of church girls who are past 25, vanenge vachitsvaga retirement plan

Shadhaya has a strong message to all men. He had this to say!!

Fellas, beware of the retired hoe aka the holy ho3, yes after years in the trenches (clubs & bars) she finally decides to retire (settle down) she knows there’s only one place she can redeem herself – CHURCH. Avoid church females past 25, they’re nothing but retired soldiers

A soldier that waged wars on different beds in different cities & even countries, now she’s too old to be in the trenches as new recruits are coming in, she realises she has to retire. Thus, her spiritual journey begins, she rebrands herself as a born again.

She rebrands everything from her Instagram filled with pics showing more ass than a pornstar to her breathing smoke like a dragon on that shisha hubbly whatever nonsense. Those shitty pics sticking her tongue out like a black mamba about to strike.

She rebrands, now you’ll see pics of her wearing skirts & dresses longer than a deacon’s prayer. Now all you’ll see are bible verses & inspirational quotes on her social media. You’ll now see pics of her doing charity work, yes doing more than mother Theresa did.

Yes, even her cum stained pussy gets rebranded too, a whole makeover or shall we say pussyover. Lemon juice is squeezed on it to make it tighter, Indian sweets jells rubbed on it to make it smell sweet & also taste. Creams to shrink the pussy lips now hanging like curtains.

Yes, she gotta do what she gotta do, that pu$$y been hit more than Ukraine has been hit with Russian missiles. So she turns to church, she knows how the church brothers are so gullible. Yes, these are guys who believe God gives them wives, how naive.

These boys could care less about a woman’s past. They couldn’t care that she’s trash, just like those municipal trash cans, where all kinds of dirt can be found, from hair from saloons, junk food boxes, d€ad dogs, feaces sometimes even aborted baby corpses. Such is their faith

This is what happens when a man is a victim of religious indoctrination & being led by his little head not the bigger one. He will become a retirement package for some ho€ who wasted her prime years jumping from D to D, all because of a sundress & a bible.

This woman isn’t a blessing she’s a curse, she’s slept with politicians, drug dealers, thieves, scammers, all kinds of deplorable men, their bad energy resides in her as well. Those bad spirits will soon latch on to you, church bro & you’ll be shouting “go back to sender”.

Bro, send that ho€ back to the gutters which she belongs. Be vigilant when it concerns a woman you allow into your life, let her be saved by Jesus, not you. That’s no wife material, she’s used up. Don’t buy expired milk just because of the glamouring package.

Avoid holy ho€s, ain’t no female receiving God past 25, it’s all an act. She’s been dismissed from the battlefields by the new recruits, physical & mentally damaged from these wars, she now wants a retirement package. Don’t be her retirement package!


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