Olinda Addresses Ongoing Court Battle woth Mai Titi

Olinda Addresses Ongoing Court Battle woth Mai Titi

Socialite and Businesswoman Olinda Chapel has taken to her facebook to address the ongoing court battle with comedienne Mai Titi.

In a statement posted on her facebook account , She wrote

“ I am going to address this court issue so it’s very clear in my own words.

When it hit the media about Felistas approaching the Minister about Evidence. I gave my opinion just like many of you Zimbabweans and other socialites etc. But for some reason out of all those people I became the target of Felistas’s rage. Why didn’t she attack everyone. Why didn’t she attack all these individuals that commented ? Why was my comment the one that hurt the most ? Because I said the truth ?

She decided to text me with numerous texts and she decided to insult not just me but my family. Never at any point have I insulted her “husband” or her children. My husband is a very quiet person and never once has he attacked anyone or has he responded to any of these insults. But it doesn’t mean he isn’t human and all these lies and jibes don’t hurt him. Despite his own mistakes in life. He doesn’t deserve that.

So we decided to take legal action. Because Felistas didn’t start now. It’s been years of her constant attacks on me. I remember when I met her and took her for lunch so many people called me a saint ans could not believe I had done that because of her history of her constantly attacking me. ( a simple Google search).

What confuses me is why does she feel she has a right to comment on people but when we comment about her behaviour we are attacked and our families insulted.

So we did what we believe is right, we have taken the matter to court and my husband is filing to sue for defamation of character. All the names she called him. All the lies she told about him may she prove it in court. Every time she mentioned his name, May she provide an explanation as to why.

Never once has he mentioned her name in this life.

We don’t report to Ministers we follow the law “


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