Zimbabwe government issues statement to all its Citizens in Ukraine, you have to find a way to get out and we will take you from third part countries

The Zimbabwean government has issued a statement regarding all nationals who are stuck in Ukraine

-Zim Embassy in Berlin has registered 256 citizens in Ukraine.
-Advised nationals to leave Ukraine if it is safe to do so and travel to any third country.
-Representations were made to different embassies to allow safe passage of our nationals.

-Officers being dispatched to Poland subject to authority being granted, to assist in coordinating those going there.
-The Embassy can pay for hotels and buy tickets from Berlin.
-Nationals advised to maintain contact with the embassy so decisions can be made faster.

Help will be given when nationals have accessed any of the following third countries; Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary Moldova and Russia. Currently there are no flights out of Ukraine so travel has to be by other means. Stay Safe.


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