Men do not open up and die in silence because their partners don’t care about their feelings and see them as weak says Shadhaya


Men can actually express their feelings as in opening up. But at the same time they know doing so results in the loss of respect, status & attraction. It costs them far much in the long run than the momentary benefits.

This is what women don’t seem to understand about men’s mental health when they come & say “why don’t men open up”. Women don’t lose anything by opening up, but for a man it’s a different story. He knows once he does, after the euphoria, he’ll be viewed as weak.

Opening up is a female privilege. When she opens up, people get worried & help her. She actually benefits from being fragile. But when it’s a man, people ignore & if they pay any attention, it’s usually negative attention “he’s so weak…man up…he’s pathetic”

And when he usually ends up succumbing to the struggle & commits suicide, they’ll ask

“Why didn’t he open up?”

Because he weighed it up, it would have cost him more opening up than just taking the alternative

He knows once he opens up, though they may momentarily feel sorry for him, in the long run he will be an object of disgust to them.

That is why men are silent even when going through things, they know it’s not profitable for them to be emotionally vulnerable


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