Hopewell slams more than 6000 unfocused youths who joined Tatelicious live. We deserve our problems as a country with youths like these.

Hopewell Chin’ono has slammed Zimbabweans for lacking focusing and drifting towards things that do not really matter.

In tweet he had this to say:

It is not an easy road……

They should NEVER complain when the election is rigged!

Do you now understand what the South Africans mean when they say Zimbabweans have their priorities upside down?

You can defend yourselves all you like, but the South Africans are right!

In his narrative he brings the fact that South Africans are very correct for slamming us because we lack focus, he was referring to a live by Tatelicious in which more than 6000 people joined in for a guhwa session whilst only 600 joined for another meaningful talk he hosted


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