He is just a kid who was trying to be funny and it went wrong. Please forgive him and save his career. Shadhaya speaks on Rayvines

Shadhaya has come to Rayvines rescue. In a long tweet message he had this to say :

Rayvines. Man, I just hate how society tries so hard to bring a good man down. Yeah sure, the young man made a mistake with that Winky D situation, but he apologized, let’s move past it. Am sure even Winky D didn’t even put it to heart.

That was just a comedian trying to be funny (it wasn’t funny) but that doesn’t justify bullying the young lad day in day out. Y’all always talking about mental health, yet you find pleasure in trolling this young lad.

I ain’t even a fan, but I can relate. I remember back in 2018 during the fuel riots, I said certain things, that hurt a lot of people, that was never the intention. I was made to pay for that mistake, day in day out being trolled. All because of one mistake.

I went into depression, I hated social media coz every time I logged in, it was just too much. At that point I just wished someone could just have said, the exact same words I’m saying. It would have meant a lot.

And yes maybe I’m not the right person to say this (am a bad person) but still it has to be said. This is a kid guys, you can’t bury his entire career coz of one mistake. I don’t believe he is done, he still has way more to give in the entertainment sphere.

He’s an inspiration to the little ones, in the hood, the little ones who have access to smartphones, they’re always playing his vines. Give the kid another chance, why y’all have a problem with forgiving a man???

Let’s talk about Misred, she said insensitive things, y’all forgave her. Madam Boss said some insensitive things, y’all voted for her. Mai TT says insensitive things, y’all celebrated her lobola. I can go on & on, why can’t y’all do the same when it’s a man.


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