Mliswa otsiura Mangwana for calling Chamisa a chameleon that changes colour

Nick Mangwana yesterday attacked the new move by Chamisa to rebrand, he described it as a chameleon that always changes colour but remains the same.

Honourable Themba Mliswa however had other thoughts, in his response to this tweet he said :

@nickmangwana why do we fight&counter everything. I don’t understand it. When are we showing we are one country? Is that how we were brought up? Japan is where it is because it learnt from others. Even colour here akomana. Kungomuka nekuto attacka kuti yava chameleon. Uum.

It has become a norm in the politics of Zimbabwe that an opposition has to be dismissed not not the basis of its ideology but in the fact that it is an opposition.

Many others have urged Zimbabweans to be united and stay united without being disbanded by these tactics


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