Fans troll Asaph for calling himself the best Zim hip hop artist

The king of Zim dancehall is well known, the king of Sungura is known, the king of Jiti is known as well as the king of Jazz but the question that still remain unanswered is who is the king of Zim hip hop.

Legends like Stunner have claimed this crown, long time lyrics like Maskiri have also claimed whilst youngsters like T Gonz remain adamant that they deserve a place at the top.

Rapper Asaph has made a bold statement declaring that he is the king of the game and he runs the streets very well.

This came soon after Takura had released his debut single which stole the hearts of many fans.

Many fans however did not agreed with the rapper as they claimed he still has a lot to prove and there is not much that can be attached to his name


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