Tawanda Njunga calls out Zimra for auctioning his car without notice, after he had paid US$3219 duty

Tawanda njunga has put up a complaint against authorities who auctioned his car without informing him, in a tweet he had this to say:

Yesterday I paid $3219 USDs cash to @CBZHoldings for @Zimra_11 duty payment for 4/10/2021 N 1203
Its been 108 Days as of today & I was told my car was auctioned by a company called JeffM Auctions PVT LTD on 06.01.2022 without any notification to me…..

I was never notified of this specific development because someone was interested in my vehicle.
The import duty I was charged was too much but I still complied.
I hope this can be corrected. How do we build a country when some corrupt individuals is trying to take away from us..

@Zimra_11 Do you think its reasonable for a state revenue collectors to auction peoples good, in particular motor vehicle without any specific notice. This is very wrong & should be corrected. Noone deserves this betrayal.

I have no loans & have been working hard to build a business.Some Kazungula thinks its okay to sell peoples property without notice. Is this what vision2030 is all about?When we have state agencies like Zimra moving like this then, whats there for the indigenous?


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