Ammara Brown and Chi mhende and tendai chitima feature in Just say hello new movie

The Zimbabwe film industry have showed a lot of promising signs with comedy taking the centre stage. Technology has made it easy for every talented person with a phone to get themselves out there.

Soaps like Studio 263 rocked the nation and the gap has been felt for a very long time, well there is good that a new movie is coming out soon. The movie is titled Just Say Hello featuring an amazing cast of Carl Joshua Ncube, Shaun Mundawarara, Ammara Brown Chi_Mhende, Tendaiishe Chitima, Bathongtk

It is an Invision Studios production directed by denise edwards and it is to come out on April 2022.

The experience and diversity in the cast is something to look out for and there is no doubt that this movie is a masterpiece


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