Mambondini responds to Vimbai Zimuto, kuChitungwiza kune hockey ipi, let’s just accept the truth that some sports are for white people

The Zimbabwean hockey team which left for Ghana recently was bashed by many Zimbabweans for being white dominated and other popular figures aired their views on this issue.

Mambondini gave his insights into the matter bringing out critical questions that needed to be answered. In his address he directly responded to Vimbai Zimuto and questioned her which ghettos play hockey.

He said as Zimbabweans we should be proud of these girls because they made a choice to play for the nation whilst they had options to go back.

We should come to terms with this truth, “some sports are for white people”. He also gave an example of the NBA which is dominated by black Americans like LeBron James, KD, etc whilst sports like hockey are dominated by whites.


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