If you see celebrities as role models you need deliverance, how can you look upto someone who is always acting to impress says Shadhaya

Shadhaya had this to say:

Don’t worship celebs, they’re just overhyped human beings by the media. Yes, enjoy them, admire them but don’t idolize them. You need to realize whatever power, status, fortune or fame they have, comes from you. They’re not better than you.

If you look towards celebrities/influencers for role models, you’re getting it wrong. How can you look towards someone who acts for a living. Rather than these media personalities have role models off the people you interact with everyday, family, friends & colleagues

She religiously follows the lives of Mai TT, Madam Boss, Tatelicious, Ndinyengeiwo Girl, Olinda = social media junkie

He idolizes Java, Tawaz, Mudiwa = attention seeking simp

Sadly these are the role models for our youths & we wonder why we have an unfocused generation


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