Madam Boss unites celebrities with her success milestone

There is an invible book of life that faithfully records our contribution or our neglect. With the goal of almost everyone being to make a positive contribution to this world, Madam Boss has become the epicentre of attraction at the moment.

Following her international historic winning of the E Award, many other Zimbabwe celebrities have showed their hearts out to celebrate their own.

Yesterday the event was painted with a glamorous atmosphere, graced with dignified personalities scripted and encrypted in the seal of excellence. The likes of mai Titi, Tinashe Maphosa, Tinashe Mutarisi, Lorraine Guyo, Passion Java an endless, all made this auspicious occasion more than just a normal rendezvous.

Tocky Vibes provided an amazing performance which reflected stories told on the other side of eternity.

Madam Boss received gifts from her fellow celebrities, a gesture which many ought to learn. Not only did she brought the whole community together but she showed many that you can achieve whatever you want as long you put in the work


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