Special message from Mahere, don’t walk around makangobata chikafu kuma basa or kudya uchifamba, you decrease value

Special message to Interns from Fadzayi Mahere :

Dear law interns,

You know I’m in your corner. Don’t walk into the firm at 8am, holding a loaf of bread in one hand & an avocado in the other, pushing at the door against the senior partner with no greeting. Master professional etiquette. Curate your corporate image.

Hopewell had this to say :

Fadzayi Mahere @advocatemahere is so right!

The first thing I was told as an intern at @BBCAfrica was not to move around the building with food in your hands.

Put it in a bag, take your food out at a place designated for eating.

Some Zimbabweans just love arguing pointlessly!


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