Tino Chinyani ventures into music after breakup

South Africa based Zimbabwean model and media personality Tino Chinyani is set to venture into music with the release of his debut single, ‘Nothing For Free’ featuring Scooby Nero.

As he ventures into music, the model will release all his songs under the moniker, Tiyani Afrika.

Tiyani is the name of his son with ex-girlfriend actress and singer Simz Ngema.

Tino opened up about how venturing into music will be a big part of his life in his next chapter.

“Music is definitely what I want to do for the rest of my life. More so because I’ve been around the industry, I’ve done it from a modelling perspective, I’ve been a presenter, I’ve been an influencer… for me it’s a thing of I have so much I wanna say, I have so many stories I wanna tell, and for me music is that perfect outlet,” he said.

“Music is a sound that’s heard and felt across the globe, and that’s what I want to give the people

“I want to give them my soul in the music, I wanna show them my life, what it takes and the mentality of a young king that’s trying to win,” added Tino.

The 27-year-old is fast becoming a household name in Mzansi. He has appeared on screens a number of times, presented on SABC 3′ Trending SA show

He became more popular in the tabloids after dating actress Simz Ngema and eventually having a child together but broke up a year later.


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