Q and A with the freshest hope for Zim hip-hop and Gundamwenda hitmaker- Saintfloew

Saintfloew has caught the country by storm this rainy season, his exquisite lyrics, powerful instrumentals and exceptional voice has all his songs on repeat this year and its clear that the only way he is going is up towards international fame. We caught up with this musical prodigy and this is what he said about himself?

Who is saintfloew?

Saintfloew is a rapper and vocalist, from Chitungwiza. Born in 1997, Saint has been doing Hip Hop music since he was in High School.

What does Saintfloew bring to Zim hip hop that is lacking so far?

Zim Hip Hop has been lacking collective efforts and I’m here to complete the puzzle, there are so many talented artists in the Hip Hop community but without unity and more players, the genre will not survive.

Tell us the story of how you met Holy Ten?

I met Holy Ten, after he’d posted on his IG story that “all upcoming artists should send their demos to his email” because he was starting a record label. I sent him a demo of Gundamwenda and their response was “we’re happy with this, we’ll invest”

That’s about the time he was in Ghana. I had to wait 4 months until he came back because he was also doing a tour in the UK

When he came back, we met and he basically took over my entire life and said “you’re now staying with me at my house, I’ll take care of everything, let’s build and eat when it manifests” ever since it’s been glorious

What does Gundamwenda mean?

Gundamwenda indururani

Boys risingade kudzidziswa zve kuita

Do you have any new projects you’re working on and when can we expect them?

We’ve just recently done a joint EP with Holy.

It’s sort of an introductory approach to the industry because we actually did it in less than 3 days so it was more of getting to rub vibes and sounds and giving something to the people.

The classic projects are coming


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