Kiki Badass responds to rape victim “Why now ” comments . It’s not easy to report to anyone or anytime, it can take years

Shadhaya has fired more shots again on the issue of rape where he called out women to report early and not victimise men. In a post he said this :

Intercourse you regret isn’t rape

Terrible intercourse isn’t rape

A rape victim reports to the police NOT social media

A rape victim & someone who is wrongly accused of rape suffer the same psychological trauma

Rape isn’t a feeling. One does not feel like they were raped.

Kikibadass on the other hand had a strong message to all those who think this way as she highlighted that people go through a lot and it is not so easy to just report such cases, sometimes you do not even feel safe at all to let it out to anyone.

The timing of reporting can never be dictated to anyone by anyone but rather its a matter of when do you feel comfortable to do so.


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