Pumacol anovhiringidza ma live show aBazooker, Platinum Prince takes a dig

Platinum Prince has slammed Pumacol for being an obstruction in Bazookers performances, in a message he mentioned that Bazooker is on another level but Pumacol always always gets in the way

This is what he had to say:

Handinyanyozive hangu but haaa Pumacol anouraya vibe rePerfoming set yaBazooker,ane kakubhowesa zvinhu zvaBazooker so kaanoita
Imbopai Bazooker set yake ega then give Pumacol set yake ega and you will see the magic.Come to think of it andisat ndamboona poster raPumacol ega but I have seen plenty aBazooker ega,mapromoter mukunyatsoita sei??
Zvisinei click the link below iri muone👇

Platinum has been silent for a while and this might be a gesture of announcing his return to the spotlight


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