I am begging all women in this Universe please help me see my children..Marry Mubaiwa speaks

Marry Mubaiwa has finally, spoken. In her long well articled message she challenged the minister who stands and represents women and also amai Mnangagwa for being silent

She narrated how she has been separated from her children for a very long time without any access to talk to them

She further blamed her husband for all the miseries that are upon her and accused him of using state power in their private affair.

Many symphathized with her when she wrote a message on her son which said

Today being the 15th day of November brings me so much heartache and pain as my son’s birthday who has turned 9, I have been denied total access to them, I have been cut out of their lives completely, for more than 2years l don’t exist, my husband has used his political muscle.

Her struggle continues but she seem to have gotten some aid and help


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