A look into one of Zimbabwe’s multi-talented creatives: Michelle Nativel

Creativity is such a transcendent gift, those who are versatile creators are therefore truly special people. Michelle is one of them, she’s a funny creator whose work has gone so viral that if you haven’t seen her work, you are not spending enough time on the internet. She’s an equally incredible dancer and videographer and continues to amass more fame and recognition for her multi-faceted creative ventures. Zimcelebs spoke to her to get an insight into her life and here are the highlights.

Tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Michelle Nativel I’m a born and bred Zimbabwean, I’m a content creator and dancer/choreographer.


When did you start dancing?

I started dancing at the age of 4 and I started with ballet and acrobatics then in 2010 I found my love for hip-hop and urban dance.


Ever you ever danced in a group or all your work is solo?

Started in a group in 2012 with 4 of my best friends, I was the only girl and we called ourselves 8 Count Crew, that’s where the real passion started, I was the only girl in the group and rather bossy (I still am) 😂 but those days and small competitions we used to do are some of my best memories! Now I have a dance studio and work and choreograph with Airborne Masangomai, him and I met when I joined 8 Count in 2012 and have been dancing together ever since.

Is there a particular audience you would want to perform for someday?

The best audience in Zim has been HIFA openings obviously and then we as Dance Avenue had our on our own shows and we have sold out most of them. But at my age, I’d love to do 1 more show, one more time on stage, to a big crowd like 5000 people in Harare.


Whose music do you enjoy dancing to most?

When it comes to the fun dance aspect of content creation, Jah Prayzah’s new album just hits different! I love it.


How did you start creating content for social media?

To be honest I’m obsessed with videography especially trick videography where you can make something look like magic, it’s always sparked my brain! And during COVID, I had so much time to do nothing that I made it my mission to work out how to do it! And obviously with my love of music, dance and comedy, it all seemed to be a match made in heaven.

What has been your highlight of your content creation journey?

– I think the in the beninging video and how that went viral, it’s literally how people recognize me now 😂 but I truly love to see people happy and people laughing and that video did just that.


How long does it take to prepare for and create a video for TikTok/Instagram?

To be honest, it varies… the concept is usually what takes a while for me to come up with, so that I can make it unique to either me alone or unique to a trend. But then the filming is the easiest part, and editing is a nightmare ha-ha, it can even take up to 3 hours to edit… and sometimes when editing I realize the filming process isn’t perfect and then I have to start from the beginning again.


If you were forced to quit creating content, why else would you want to do?

Well, I love music so I’d love to be a DJ

What do you hate most about being a dancer and a content creator?

Great question 😂 with being a dancer my about worst thing is people saying “show me a move” or “just do a dance now” I HATE it 😂

And with being a content creator I guess its people expecting me to just make videos for them or give away my secrets


What is your favorite Zimbabwean food?

I love sadza, with peanut butter veg braaied chicken and soup, and I love it even more when I eat it at home with my Gran.


How would you like to inspire any young Zimbabweans who want to follow a similar path?

The best advise I can give, is consistency is key (I’m not great at it!) but it works… also, stick to what you are good at in the content creation division and try not be all over the place! Remember content creation costs nothing, if you have a phone and an idea, that’s all you need there’s no need for extra expenses and that’s what I love about it! And for people out there with questions, I’m always happy to help


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