Zimbabwean UFC professional Themba Gorimbo raises over 1000US to help the family of Zimunya, a boxer who died last week after a fight

Zimbabwean professional UFC fighter Themba Gorimbo has stepped up to help the family of Taurayi Zimunya the boxer who died last week after sustaining head injuries from his boxing match.

Themba has raised over 1000US which he sent to the family. This money was raised through the sale of kits and other donations from fellow sportsman.

Zimunya was fighting Tinashe Majoni of the Charles Manyuchi Boxing Academy, in one of 10 matches making up the “Rise of Champions” bill hosted by Otto Boxing Club, at Body Active Gym in Borrowdale, Harare.

This was the second time Zimunya was fighting the same opponent.

Zimbabwe Boxing and Wrestling Control Board general secretary, Lawrence Zimbudzana, described his death as “unfortunate and isolated.”

“We are with his family and club in our prayers. What’s more painful is that the potential of such a young talent has been nipped in he bud,” he said.

He claimed all protocols, associated with the safe hosting of a tournament, had been fulfilled. Requirements by the Boxing and Wrestling Control Act demand that there be a ringside doctor, and an ambulance on standby, at every professional boxing event.

This gesture by Gorimbo is a great step towards unity in sport and standing up for others when they themselves are not able to.


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