Every good movie or show needs a good song to fully complete the experience for viewers.

The James Bond soundtrack, Charlie Puth and Wiz Khalifa’s See You Again, as well as Neria the serve as testimony of that. Blood and Water, the global sensation cemented this truth when it brought us a series of beautiful sounds, that include its lasting soundtrack all brought to us by Zimbabwean musical sensation FRYA. FRYA has achieved so much already as a musician despite still being in her genesis and it is clear that she’s set to shatter records and raise the country’s flag up high. Here is a deeper look into the person of FRYA from FRYA herself

What is your full name?

– Rutendo Maregere


When did you start music and how has been your journey so far?

– I got into music at the end of 2018 and I started doing music full time from 2020. The journey has been incredible and also challenging. I’ve been learning a lot and I have so much I still need to learn and a long way grow but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m doing what I love.


Congratulations on your new album, Balance, how has it been received so far?

– Thank you, the full album isn’t out yet, only 5 songs from the album are available to stream. I’m happy with the progress and pace I’m moving at and how people are receiving the project. Several songs from the album were selected for the Netflix show blood & water season 2 in addition to doing the theme song for the show. I recently released the video for my single BDE and people are catching on.



Several songs from your album were adopted for the sensational Series Blood and water, what impact has that made on your musical career?

– Blood and water exposed a lot more people to my music and sound, I get different messages now from people in places I haven’t traveled to. Having someone in France singing along to my music, dancing and sharing on social media has made me understand how far I can go.


Other international artists have started reaching out to me to collaborate off of hearing my music play in the show. Also more than anything I’m building a good relationship with the Netflix team and relationships are important in the music business.


If you were given a chance to sing to the whole world, which of your songs would you sing?

– I love all my babies, but it would have to be Changes. It’s an honest vulnerable song that connects with a lot of people and I had a beautiful experience writing it.


Who would you want to collaborate with in future and why?

– Rihanna, Wizkid, Drake, Kanye West and Labrinth. They are in my top 5 because of how much they motivate me, how they create and these are people I would want to learn from. I wrote all the tracks on my album so imagine having someone like Labrinth who is my all time favourite writer in the studio, Kanye my all time favourite producer, Rihanna’s vocal range and control is crazy. Wizkid’s talent and impact on afrobeat culture and sound, Drake’s versatility and delivery is crazy.


What are your interests and hobbies other than music?

– I enjoy reading, I watch a lot of television, I write as often as I can, I like to paint and go to exhibits when I can. I’m also very big on wellness so yoga, meditation, visualisation and working out are things I incorporate in my day-to-day life. I like to surround myself and mind with things that open my mind, perspective is everything.


How have your Zimbabwean roots influenced your music?

– Being Zimbabwean is in my blood from the language I sprinkle in my lyrics. I’m from the Shona tribe and my totem is Moyo Ndizvo, I come from a bloodline of healers, warriors, ancestors that did everything from a place of love and not fear. You hear elements of that in my music, you hear it in the drums, bass, strings. The cover of the album was inspired by the balancing rocks we have in Zimbabwe and I always found them fascinating, so I always try add little elements of where I come from in the music.


Who is your favourite Zimbabwean artist?

– Winky-D. I think he has done so much for the culture and how he carries himself is something I really respect.


What is your impression of the Zimbabwean music industry?

– There’s a lot of work that needs to be done, from the creation to consumption there are a lot of gaps and a lack of financial support for artists. It’s beautiful to see creatives making it even without these structures being in place.


Tell us your creative process when you make new music?

– It all depends with how I’m feeling, I’m an emotive writer and music to me is expression. I could either start with the words or melody, it all just depends on what’s going on in my life.


Any message for your fans?

– Thank you for your continued support. Pre-order my debut album Balance and let’s keep streaming and sharing the music


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