Kikibadass takes a dig at other hip hop artists , hakuna kana one ano earner US$500 per month

Hip hop has always been a game of controvesy. Who is the richer , who has better body assets , who gets drunk more and who has more ladies.

Female hip hop artist Kikibadass has taken a dig at other hip hop artists in her tweet she had this to say:

Ndiri kubhadharwa mari Kudarika mese monthly , plus who is really fucking with my pen game?Number 1-5 ndini . Chinyorai ma list ekuti most paid , most booked panosara Holy ,Crooger, Probeatz chete vamwe chimbomirai please. Kana show one zvayo yamakapihwa wo $500 lowest. Zero🤣🤣

The tweet provokes other hip hop legends like Stunner and Maskiri who have been in the game for a while but for now their market value might be going down .

Kiki is working on her new album which is set to drop soon and as always she is working with her long time partner Crooger


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