Judgement Yard in nasty split up as Etherton B starts his own .

Etherton B has part ways with Judgement Yard after many years of success and fame. According to Judgement yard this was a mutual decision and they respect the years they have worked together.


The group’s rise to fame came through DJ mixing of what they called the Judgement Yard volumes which fused Jamaican music . Fans across the country grew in love with their way of presenting art.

Etherton took to his social media to script a message and he had this to say:

Have the courage to walk away from stories you don’t belong in. Don’t settle for being a secondary character when you deserve to be the main one,people change and that’s okay,but don’t change yourself to fit their standards. You may find yourself slowly drifting out of a plot but that doesn’t mean you where not part of the main events,you may find your importance slowly fading but that doesn’t mean you where never the focus.Dont regret doing your best to keep what you had. It shows your loyalty and commitment. But should you find yourself disrespected or unappreciated don’t be afraid to put to an end to your existence in their story. Walk away with pride knowing that you put your heart into what you loved. Never settle for just existing. The world is full of stories….. CREATE YOUR OWN.


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