From Chitungwiza to the rest of the world. Amazing story of the rise of Passion Java

Passion Java was born on 29 October 1988. Java is the son of the late Christine and Charles Java. He was raised and attended school kwaSeke. His first son named Uebert Java was named after Passion Java’s his mantle prophet Eubert Angel.


Passion Java initially, he was a member of the Tabernacles of Grace Ministries for quite some time, together with his brother B Java.


When he was released from Tabernacles of Grace ministries, he started an inter-denomination services in 2010 at the Chitungwiza Aquatic Complex where it is said that he commanded a very large following despite being 22 years at the time. During its infancy, the church organisation was called Kingdom Embassy.

At that time he was already performing all sorts of miracles. He then temporarily moved to South Africa where he was also said to have continued with his trend of performing miracles. He made headlines in South Africa where he accurately told strangers their identity number.


Passion Java commenting on his miracle-working ability claimed that, “I was born with a special gift When I was very young, I used to have strange dreams depicting me in heaven and surrounded by angels. When I was in Form One, I specifically had a vision in which I saw a set of numbers spinning in the air. I ran off to tell our school Scripture Union facilitator about the vision and she screamed saying that it was her birth date. He also shared a story of how he predicted the death of his own father when he was growing up .


Java has been in the news not only for his alleged ability to perform miracles, but his flamboyant lifestyle which has led many to question the source of his wealth as well as fuel speculation about his credibility as a bona fide prophet. He was alleged to have spent over USD 500 000 in one shopping spree where he bought three top of the range vehicles which included two Range Rovers and a Jaguar. The move was viewed by many as overspending by a man of the cloth and further heightened the skepticism which seems to surround public opinion on the so-called “prosperity gospel. He stays adamant about how he spend his money owing to growing up in the streets of Chitungwiza with little or nothing to show for it

The vehicles procured by Java were said to be for his senior pastors who also accompanied him on the shopping spree. Java was also reported to have had an equally flamboyant 24 birthday celebration which was celebrated at three different venues on three different days. On one of the days the prophet is said to have rounded up about 110 street kids and before giving them a rare treat of pizza, chicken and a US$1,200 chariot birthday cake.

Java has bought cars to many other strangers as random gifts and this has made him a person of the people.

Passion Java established a recording studio offered free recording services for gospel artists to record their work. The idea behind the establishment of the studio was the fact that most artistes despite being talented were facing challenges breaking new ground because they could not secure recording contracts. The studio was named Passion Java Ministries and is equipped with state of the art recording equipment not to mention being sound proof. The infrastructure in and around the studio was said to be rivaled by those which appear on MTV base or Channel O owned by mega-rich producers and hip hop artists

He was appointed the AAG vice president in 2021 after the president noticed his entrepreneurial skills and ambition to work .


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