Using images to stir Imagination: A chat with creative photographer, Tino Chimuka

Photography is the art of capturing moments and freezing them for eternity, though everyone with a smartphone can do it these days, there are only a few people that have be given a special skill of not only freezing moments, but use those skills to tell stories. Tino Chimuka is one such person, his impressive photographic skills provide us with unparallel catharsis. Here is a deep look into this magnificent creative.

Who is Tino Chimuka?

Tinotenda Chimuka is a 21-year-old self-taught Photographer, based in Harare, it has become more than just a name but how people identify with me. I am also a third-year student at Africa University studying computer information Systems.

What made you become a photographer.

My photography journey which l believe l stumbled intentionally  to, as I always had a passion for art and being an introvert, I tend to observe a lot,  I see a lot of details. I often took pictures with my phone of small things I had seen I found interesting, in these small beginnings, my passion grew . If you scroll down my page, you will be able to see some of the pictures from where I came from.  I started my professional journey in early 2020, I have received so much support from my friends and family through out, I have seen my pictures and creative process grow since then, which I am truly grateful for.

What inspires the unique theme in your photography?

My Portrait  Photography is inspired by my love for nature, I love to take outdoor portraiture with natural light, as I believe it adds natural look and aesthetic to my portraits. I like to take portraits with a glimpse of nature inspired by my surroundings. I’m also inspired with the urban elements in the CBD OR urban Places.  As for my street photography it is inspired by my observations, as I believe there are a lot of intriguing details missed on a daily and for people to see it, we just need to take a picture and we get an epiphany moment.

What is the best thing about being a photographer?

The best thing about being a photographer is having a better look at the world,  helping someone to express themselves better and create memories through a portrait and then being able to share that vision with the world.

Who  or what do you want to take a picture of most?

I do have quite a lot I wish to take pictures, but it would come down to working with Ric Chasers and taking Portraits of  Gemma Griffiths as she is one of my favourite Zimbabwean music artists

What is the best advice you’ve ever received as a photographer?

To be able to work with whatever I had and to make the very best of it, whether it is a smart phone or entry level camera. Passion will lead the way.

Which photographer inspires you the most?

I’m inspired the most  by Three Zimbabwean Photographers  who all inspire me in different ways. Naka visuals inspires me in the way he edits, and colour grades his images. Zash craft inspires me with the way he does his composition in his pictures its phenomenal.  Steven Chikosi inspires me through the way he documents everyday life in Zimbabwe so brilliantly.


What would you change about the Zimbabwean photography industry?

It would be for us as Zimbabwean photographers to be able to collaborate a lot more in projects, for photographers in Zimbabwe to be able to share ideas and help each other grow as community. When we are united, we are able to set standards for our industry.

Does one need to go to school to be a good photographer?

This question comes down to the type of person you are and how you prefer to learn in life, if you are self driven to learn what is necessary for you to learn technical parts of photography and how to do business, using your network , then you may not need to go to school. If you are not self-driven then formal education is an option. However whichever route you take some form of learning has to happen for you to be a photographer.

Any words for aspiring photographers?

Make the very best use of whatever instruments you have to take pictures , you will be surprised the magic you can create with it, just let your passion for photography lead the way.


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