South Africans promise to sabotage Makhadzi for suporting ANC

Makhadzi had the chance to meet President Cyril Ramaphosa and perform in Limpopo during the ANC’s rally in her home province over the weekend.

As the municipal elections day nears, Makhadzi was wearing ANC colours and the singer is being dragged for supporting the ruling party.

Pictured in green, yellow and black, the Limpopo hitmaker’s attire and “allegiance” left a bitter taste in the mouth of some Twitter followers, resulting in the popular artist deleting her social media posts

“Defending Makhadzi, other critics wrote : Shimza or any artist that support the ANC is tantamount to defending the ANC itself. We want all young people to isolate the oppressor called ANC. Any artist that [sides] with the oppressor because of money must be exposed. It’s time to teach the ANC a lesson.”

The reaction from both sides was extreme. On the one end, people said artists such as Makhadzi, DJ Tira and Shimza, who in the past have campaigned for the party and performed at ANC rallies, are just trying to make extra money.

While the other side said the artists who do so are out of touch with the realities of many citizens and supporting the ANC is supporting their faults such as corruption


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