Life with over 1 million followers: A deeper look into Tik Tokker Victor Ivyic

Life with over 1 million followers: A deeper look into Tik Tikker Victor Ivyic

Content creators are the people that really make social media truly worth-while. The reason why we get so lost on social media for hours at a time is because content creators serve us with the entertainment and escapism we need in this world. Victor Ivyic is one of the most popular creators around, with over 1 million followers on Tik Tok and a true ladies’ favourite, he’s truly a darling of the web. Zimcelebs had a conversation with him to give us a deeper look into this magnificent creator.

Who is Victor IVYIC?


Victor Ivyic is a young, experienced entrepreneur with vast skillset and quite talented. I am not only focused on content creating, I am a student studying in faculty of business trying my best to multitask and balance this journey of life.


What do you like to do in your spare time?


In my spare time, I love travelling, gaming, brainstorming & strategizing new ideas and sometimes going out but I am not a fan of being in public places


When did your Tik Tok journey start?


My TikTok Journey started the end of 2018 but I was not focused due to studies but when I managed the art of multitasking, I started dedicating time to Tiktok and my studies. It was difficult because I used to have 1 like on my videos.


Which country are you really from?

I am mixed half South African and Zimbabwean also a descendant from a Jamaican bloodline. I’m based and grew up in South Africa. I prefer saying I am a global citizen and I come from any country you come from or perhaps wish to give me hence the phrase ‘I come from your country’. I say this based on my love for my followers and the content I create it is cross-culture


How do you do your famous slow-motion move?


The famous slow-motion move it is mostly based on the upper body movement mostly like an illusion lol and the passion I have for what I do


How much has Tik Tok content creation changed your life?


Tiktok content creation has brought upon a big change to my life. It has not been easy but it helped me discover my strengths and brought upon vast opportunities in all aspects of life and business. I have met awesome people and I have made families within that sector.


What do you not like about being a Tik Tok content creator?


Well the fact that people make assumptions of what you are not and paint a fake image based on their hate towards you. I have been accused of being g*y and deceased a number of times. But I will always remain humble and create content to those that love it and support me. At the end of the day it is my joy to bring happiness to people


What is the secret of your flawless look in your videos?


The secret is my faith in God


Who is your favourite Tik Toker?


That is a tough one because I happen to love every face that pops up on my foryou page. But thumbs up to Chinamcclain


What do you love most about Zimbabwe?


I love the music and the Country itself, it is just beautiful and unique


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