Lady Squanda dismisses photos of drug abuse. I am a mother have a family and have normal social problems

Pictures of Lady Squanda went viral on social media . Concern was over her weight loss and many alledged that it was drug abuse.

The dancehall queen has however responded letting all her fans know that she is fine and that she has her own personal struggles as a monther and family person .

She had this to say:

Saka zvirikureva kuti pese apa maisaposter coz nandisirikupinda mustudio,mapix amukuposter ngaakupei pay month-end. Ukaona usingataurwe kana kutsvagirwa tunyaya hausati wapisa pane vatori nemaphotos angu ekare vavakamirira kuuya kwangu mugame ,manje handina kwandainge ndakaenda u should know that kuti nditoriwo amai besides music nditoriwo nemafamily issues nemaproblems wo angu so varikuposter poster postai # music is my life # usamire # Nditoriwo Bhanditi kunge Seh calaz # Bvukweza ndorichavanyaradza cmng soon ,l love you all my fans this time queen nvr disappoint good day


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