Everyone else wanted to be the star and not create the star: A look into the creative sensation with Rain Jasmin.

There is no argument that the Zimbabwean music industry has been on an unrelenting upward trend when it comes to the creation of visuals. We owe this to the novel generation of creative directors who are honing their creative skills to grace our screens with these videos. Despite directing being a highly competitive, male dominated scene, there has been one amazing young lady who has gone against all odds and totally disrupted the creative space as a director. Having given us visual masterpieces like Kae Chaps’ Mwana wevhu, and directed our favourite sing along melodies like More by Anita Jackson and Poptain, Rain Jasmin is truly a powerhouse. Here is a quick delve into the sensational Rain Jasmin:

When did you did you start directing?

Rain Jasmin: When I was growing up, I was a performer both acting and singing. I got so many awards and medals for my school and was appointed drama club president in high school. That’s when I started directing school plays.

After high school I got a job at Charles Austin Theatre where I worked with people that improved my skills and introduced to the filming industry.

What inspired you start directing?

Rain Jasmin: I saw a gap in the industry, where everyone wanted to be the star but not create the star, so I started putting more effort behind the scenes making content for other people not necessarily being the one in front of the camera.

How has your journey been since you started?

Rain Jasmin: The journey had been amazing and awful at the same time. I started the passion at a young age but I then started the career at 19 in a city far from home. It’s definitely scary but I have learnt so much and have met so many amazing people along the way

You have achieved so much as a young female director and worked with influential female artist, what are the secret of your success?

Rain Jasmin: I haven’t achieved anything if we are to be honest, yes, I have gotten some recognition and rub shoulders with great people but that’s not what I want to take from this journey. I want to inspire young females that are not in the industry and leave a blueprint for them that will allow them safe passage in a man dominated industry. For me that will be the greatest achievement of all. A legacy that continues for generations.

What setbacks have you faced as a female director?

Rain Jasmin: However, the secret is to be humble and kind, yes people will take you for granted but you would have taken much more that is knowledge.

Consistency, networking and actually enjoying the job.

What setbacks have you faced as a female director?

Rain Jasmin: I have seen that not many men want to have a female voice in authority especially the crew so I ended up working without being given credit for so many projects but because of that I have gained some respect and people allow me to come in and take charge. Slowly I will be able to direct without hustling people’s egos

What is your greatest achievement so far?

Rain Jasmin: My greatest achievement so far is knowledge, I could name projects I have done that got Nama’s or some sort of national recognition but I was never credited for, so I prefer personal achievements like knowledge and growth

As a female director who has worked with influential female artists, would you say the music and film industry is safe for women?

Rain Jasmin: I have actually worked with more males than females. It’s a shock to say males have been more accommodating than the females even though sometimes some males are dismissive.

Back to your question, no females are safe in the industry, very much safe if you put value and respect on yourself. The reason why it seems unsafe is because we want the easy way so we start sleeping with men for opportunities, we start taking jobs that devalue us and no one will respect someone who doesn’t respect themselves so they start treating you as you are. When good jobs come, they won’t give you, they give a younger focused female who valued her body more and went through ups and downs to create her brand. Don’t take shortcuts work day and night until you are appreciated, bring value not legs. Personally, I feel that’s why am still here since 2016 people know I am creative they would rather have that for their brand not my body. Put value on yourself.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Rain Jasmin: In 5 years I want to have achieved the national title and move into big productions that tell the Zimbabwean story to the world. Working my way to an Oscar. Directing a film with all cultures

What is the most important quality of a film director?

Rain Jasmin: For me the most important quality is Focus, knowing where you want to go and achieve. Once you know exactly what you want the rest of the goals will lay a clear path

How did you manage to stay creative after so many productions?

Rain Jasmin: My creativity was not taught, I was born with it, it’s God even therefore it never finishes, I grow it by improving my skills, acquiring knowledge from books the internet, people etc. I can adapt and excel in any environment


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