Sabastian Magacha calls for all Christians to pray for Marry Mubaiwa

Sabastian Magacha calls for all Christians to pray for Marry Mubaiwa

Mary Mubaiwa’s condition is beggining to become worse and worse and many are apealing for symphathy from the authorities.

Recently an article circulated that her hand has to be cut off because of the incurable disease. Honorable Mliswa took to his twitter saying:

Honourable Themba Mliswa has delved into Marry Mubaiwas issue and this is what he had to say:

I came across a headline that the State wants Mary Chiwenga to stand trial. Having seen images I felt that I should comment. My issue is the apparent lack of independence of the Prosecutor General’s Office and the Judiciary. I’m not talking about their divorce issues.

The Judiciary’s conduct in Mary’s case, pushing ahead for trial when she is visibly sick, makes it seem there is someone who wants to appease vakuru. That compromises both the standing of VP Chiwenga and the Judiciary itself. The approach brings the Judiciary into disrepute.

These institutions should understand that they are critical in their independence. There is a seeming drive to appease vakuru which is a habit prevalent in this country.

There are many things people did in the name of the President, yet he knew nothing about them. They did them because they thought they would get favours. Is that the case here, I don’t know but the optics are bad.

It’s about time we become a state that respects human rights and we stop seeking favours in such callous ways.
How honestly would expect someone in that state to stand trial. You might not like her lawyer, Beatrice Mtetwa but the law should prevail

My clarion call is please be professional and may you not embarrass this country.

Gospel artist Sabastian Magacha has also commented on the matter . In his post he expressed how concerned he is with Marry’s health and how he wishes something be done for her as soon as possible


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