Mliswa challenges judiciary to act professionally in Marry’s case

Honourable Themba Mliswa has delved into Marry Mubaiwas issue and this is what he had to say:

I came across a headline that the State wants Mary Chiwenga to stand trial. Having seen images I felt that I should comment. My issue is the apparent lack of independence of the Prosecutor General’s Office and the Judiciary. I’m not talking about their divorce issues.

The Judiciary’s conduct in Mary’s case, pushing ahead for trial when she is visibly sick, makes it seem there is someone who wants to appease vakuru. That compromises both the standing of VP Chiwenga and the Judiciary itself. The approach brings the Judiciary into disrepute.

These institutions should understand that they are critical in their independence. There is a seeming drive to appease vakuru which is a habit prevalent in this country.

There is one person who used to go to SADC meetings during Mugabe times& he said you Zimbabweans always make this old man appear foolish and stupid when he is asked about human rights violations, corruption and violence in his country. Mugabe could not answer over these issues.

There are many things people did in the name of the President, yet he knew nothing about them. They did them because they thought they would get favours. Is that the case here, I don’t know but the optics are bad.

It’s about time we become a state that respects human rights and we stop seeking favours in such callous ways.
How honestly would expect someone in that state to stand trial. You might not like her lawyer, Beatrice Mtetwa but the law should prevail.

There should be credibility in the conduct of these institutions. We already have cases that have fallen out questionably and the Judiciary needs to recoup its legacy and standing. People have lately been acquitted questionably and it shows how these institutions have failed.

The Police, the Prosecutor General’s Office and the Judiciary are my focus in this tweet and they have failed. They are not professional. The shady acquittals lately would have resulted in internal investigations& dismissals. We cannot continue on this trajectory.

My clarion call is please be professional and may you not embarrass this country. May you not expose the office of the Hon VP by simply lacking professionalism in your conduct. This Mary case isn’t helping us as a country or helping these offices.

May people’s rights be respected. May you stop seeking to appease leaders wrongly and allow justice to prevail. The courts are the last resort. To reiterate, my argument is on the conduct of the judiciary.

I have nothing to do with the issues around their divorce but the judiciary’s seeming unprofessional conduct. I know there are some excitable people who will run to erroneously tell the Hon VP that Mliswa attacked you. I did not attack anybody here.

If there is anything I like to protect the offices of the President, the VP and senior leaders because we must be able to respect these offices and demand that people not bring them into disrepute.


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