Artist asks why with all his influence, Shadhaya remains broke

Artist asks why with all his influence, Shadhaya remains broke

Shadhaya is one character that confuses a lot of people. He has his life going on well together and does not chose to flush out his earnings because of his high degree of integrity.

Spoken word artist Hupepe attacked the philanthropist questioning why he is always broke he said:

Maybe I am naive or maybe I haven’t been in that position to comment yet but I am thinking to myself .You cant have the level of influence or popularity Shadhaya has on social media and stay broke, in regards of how he is toxic is a story for another day I dont even agree with him ,but the guy is so out there you cant spend a week without seeing his screenshot from an international page it could be Hollywood unlocked, Zambia Wedding and multiple south African celebrity and Mzansi what what .Please dont tell me that page is just for arguments and it is not generating any form of in come.I am not a fan but… Dude gets reposted and retweeted multiple times of cause their people who will say social media unowana clout likes but usina mari but it does not always work that way they are small accounts that get the bag am not hangu a social media markerting expert so I do not have a solution kana pane problem but with that influence being broke you cant I did not say you have to be rich ndati just not broke he said.

There is however more to a person than what meets the eye and it is always important to note that people chose to live their lives differently.


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