Things to learn from the Facebook Blackout

Things to learn from the Facebook Blackout

If you’re a young person, odds are you were socially and even economically affected by the several hours that Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp were offline which for us cover about half of our internet use. The internet is replete with wisdom about learning from hard and times so let us put that into action.

The first thing is to always have a contingency or a backup plan. If you use these three for communicating then probably you moved to Twitter and if you were new there, we suggest you stay and learn to communicate and learn from the world through other social media platforms.

If you have a business, that depends on the three on marketing and reaching customers, you should also start investing in other marketing solutions. Google digital marketing is one of the best solutions you can make use of even when the Facebook fiasco repeats itself and it will still get you to reach even when Facebook is off.

The third thing is that you should have a website, WordPress and Wix are platforms that make it easy to make websites for anyone with a business or even creatives. The idea is not to solely depend on these platforms for all business and engagement and make sure that you perform even when Facebook and its subsidiaries are down.


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