Why Online courses are the next best thing.

Why Online courses are the next best thing.

Online courses are going to do schools and education what cryptocurrency is doing to banks and financial service sectors. There is an ongoing paradigm shift in the minds of the youths.

The case against education systems is simple and clear. Education is time-consuming, expensive and does little to equip people for the modern world. Bearing that in mind, online courses are becoming more and more prominent.

An online course is a course about a particular subject or trade that is delivered on the internet. The most popular courses include courses on programming, languages and many others. These courses offer cheap and compressed education that is more flexible than the usual education sector

People who have taken online courses are proving to be just as competent, or even better than people who take traditional routes for several reasons. The first reason is that most people are driven by passion not circumstance to learn through online courses and also because online courses are current and aware of new changes in the said sectors that they will be teaching on.


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