The clothing Brand boom in Zimbabwe

The clothing Brand boom in Zimbabwe

There is a boom in the clothing brand industry of Zimbabwe. The cities of Zimbabwe are now teeming with fresh, eclectic local brands that are emerging almost every day. What is most exciting is not the clothing brands themselves but the support and the confidence that local Zimbabweans have in these local brands.

It seems like every day you walk in one of the cities you are bound to see a Hatiperi, Black Effect or Komborerwai Nashe T-shirt or hoodie. Even the diaspora is jumping in on the frenzy and these young designers are spearheading a change in local perceptions of local brands.

If these young changer makers can initiate a paradigm shift in the minds of locals, then there are bigger prospects for them. They are capable of taking on the international market with their skill and creativity. Prominent businesses and even government should make use of these skills to also fund these young players to help them extend to the manufacturing industry so that their goods can be mass-produced locals.


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