Celebrating Levels Chillspot

Celebrating Levels Chillspot

Levelz was born on 9 September 1989 in Harare.His real name is Rodger Tafadzwa Kadzimwe.He has 3 sisters and one brother

He is a Zimbabwean entrepreneur, music producer and one of the cofounders of the Chill Spot Records music label and stable. He is well known in the Zimdancehall genre for his music productions.


He is married to Dev Sando and the couple were blessed with a child named Jaysen in 2014. The couple live at their Southlea Park home

Levelz started his music career at Evangelical Fellowship of Believers Church where he used to sing a play the key board. He began his career as a member of S.E.P.P Records and later found fame when he made his own Record Label, which popularized the Zimdancehall genre.

His music production career rose to fame with Chill Spot Records which is located in the iconic township of Mbare in Harare. He is one of the three leaders of Chill Spot and he works together with DJ Fantan and DJ Rhibhe. The three music icons formed the group Chill Spot Records in 2011 although they claim they know each other from childhood. They also believe they have been influenced their entire lives by producers from Jamaica. He is the figure behind the “lelelevelz production” musical chant at the beginning of most Zimdancehall tracks. In 2013, he shot to fame with his Zimbo Flavour riddim which initially featured some 15 prominent artists. After the riddim went viral, the number increased to 150 local artists including some debutants


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