There is a time for everything, the importance of taking advantage of your moment with Aleck Leccoo

There is a time for everything, the importance of taking advantage of your moment with Aleck Leccoo

Our lives are filled with moments where we wish we could have gone back to the good old days be it with a lover , work mates , a certain traditional church you grew up in , friends you had the happiest moments with , if you are an artist or content creator might be thinking of going back to create music again , create paintings again and so on .

Many have tried these rebounds but over 50% regret going back to their old happy moments , the truth is its very hard to bring back a phase that expired years ago because a lot of factors have changed also

Getting to the bible , God’s will is knowing His timing for events in our lives. There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the heavens (Ecclesiastes 3 v 1). Verse 11 states, ‘He has made everything beautiful in its time.’ God operates outside of time as we know it, and He hardly does things according to our schedule. If we can grasp and accept this ultimate truth, I believe our stress and frustration levels would drop significantly. He knows the best time for things to happen in our lives and if we allow Him, He will make things beautiful.

For example many would wonder at artists like Leonard Zhakata or Audius Mtawarira who used to trend decades ago . Their voices are still the name , the instruments are the same but what has changed is the timing . Simply because he was good back then does not mean if he tries to do music now he will be good again .

There is a season for everything, you can even think of your ex who gave you the best moments in life , nothing went wrong but you can try to bring back the relationship and it will suck . The thing is time has changed , both of you might not notice the change but a lot has changed that is why it is very important to know which things are meant for phases and which things are meant for life .

Master the phases that come in your life and you will have a great future, there is an energy that comes with being in the 20s , a certain ambitious energy in your 30s , a certain different in your 40s etc , i can give you an example of myself . 7 years ago we were very vibrant in terms of gospel hip hop with my guys called the Switch going around universities, colleges , high schools , churches etc holding concerts , that was the time now many of my friends are married , some are pastors , others are working on radio . We tried to say” hey guys lets do just one last time what we used to do back then ” , some had school fees to pay , others needed to talk to their wives , others working outside of Harare so bringing back that vibe was ideal , but the good thing is they are still serving towards the same purpose of preaching the word of God as i said some are now pastors , others djs, others church elders etc . The truth is the phase passed and we cannot bring it back nommater how we would want to .

In conclusion this is my advice , in life there is a time for everything. God gives all of us opportunities to make the best out of this life and it is upto us to make the best out of it . If we do well we will be happy and have an ever glorious future, if we mess up we will always live in the good old days


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