Zimbabwe’s creative industry is getting more traction in International spaces.

Despite the litany of challenges faced by Zimbabwean Filmmakers and Content creators are aiming for the spotlight. Recently, William Nyandoro directed a sensational TV Show named Bazukuru that just started streaming on Amazon Prime Tv.

Bazukuru follows Cook-Off, which started airing on Netflix last year which received massive reception and critical acclaim. More and more creative projects are being rolled out in Zimbabwe and Zimbabweans are no longer leaning on the shoulders of the national broadcaster or local distribution channels.

The trajectory made by these productions and the local performance of some gems being made by local directors such as the recently released Poor Cousins Movie by Sydney Tirivashe shows that our local film and creative industry is now ready to reach for the stars and has found a way to defy all the seemingly insurmountable odds set against them.

Even individual actors are breaking new grounds and trailblazing to uncharted territories. Zimbabwe’s golden boy, Tongai Chirisa is one such example who is making things happen on a global scale.


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